Finishing strong…

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Life is a journey. As a child, it is normal to be naïve about yourself, your family, friends and the environment. As we grow older, we begin to envision what we want to become when we grow up –professionally, career, the number of children in the family, where we want to live, and sometimes even whom we want to spend our lives with. However, we experience the unpredictability of life as we grow and become more mature, to the point of realizing that sometimes, life is not what it seems and what it is supposed to be. Amidst life’s uncertainties, we adjust accordingly to be able to face life head-on no matter what circumstances and how great are the obstacles that come along the way.
At the onset, I had never planned that I would enroll in UPOU. It was also not a spur of the moment decision. Suffice to say that previous experiences might have led me to the doors of the University and consider it as an opportunity when I began to experience life’s challenges as a mother and as a person.
I have been a firm believer of the Filipino saying that “Ang edukasyon ang pamana ng mga magulang na hindi mananakaw ninuman.“ It is more of a feeling of joy than pride that I was the only one in the family to be able to graduate from College based on consanguinity.
As I am writing this journal, I can say that I am experiencing a feeling of mixed emotions. I felt relieved since finally I am writing my last piece of journal for this subject. I am feeling anxious if my efforts are good enough to produce a deserving grade. Feeling excited that I am nearing the possibility of finishing my first term in UPOU. Overwhelmed, because after years of completing my baccalaureate degree, I am back to square one and have to conduct research and adjust to various deadlines to conform to the course’s requirements in spite of being a full-time mother. I am feeling inspired because I know that with a few more subjects, I would be able to finish the course and be an instrument in the field of education someday. I am also feeling grateful despite the various conditions and the situation that we are experiencing right now, I can say that being resilient can indeed make you survive from the adversities in life.
All of the aforementioned feelings have an impact on my learning. Conducting various researches on Psychologists, researchers, and theorists enabled me to resort to deeper thinking and internalize the various studies and create an influence on my present experiences as a mentor, and unofficial teacher and educator to my son who is currently into home schooling. Further, my desire of providing quality education for my son, experiences as a parent and being a keen observer of the educational and administrative differences between from a traditional school to a home school, widened my knowledge on certain changes and improvements that can be considered in today’s curriculum for the students that in my opinion are doable.

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