Redefining Constructivism

I am a believer of constructivist learning and I believe that it is a major responsibility that we should learn through our own efforts whether in education, in our responsibilities to our family or in life. Learning occurs when individuals are actively involved in searching for meaning and knowledge as opposed to passively receiving information. This should be the new norm in teaching and learning.
How then should I consider myself as a constructivist? Before enrolling in one of the online degree programs of UPOU, I sometimes questioned myself, just like maybe a few others who are enrolled in UPOU if I could survive the rigors of education while being a full-time mother and be able to balance school and family. To stay focused and persevere whenever unforeseen circumstances occur like the eruption of Taal volcano, and the recent Covid-19 Pandemic. During the start of the course, I encountered adjusting with the platform we are using as well as online tutoring techniques. Problems of self-learning the ability to use, the manner of downloading and uploading, reading materials and submitting our requirements. And had problems with coping up with my son’s homeschool educational requirements other errands and nuances to the point of wanting to drop one of my subjects. In other words, I had all sorts of problems, both technical and attitudinal.
One of the challenges in UPOU is keeping myself motivated and focused on achieving goals. It is very easy to keep requirements out of my mind but hard to concentrate knowing that I have many things to finish. Since High school, I was never a student who tends to sit, relax and procrastinate during deadlines. I keep myself organized, write everything down, make a plan and see to it that everything is well-done. I personally believe that such should be the attitude that must be instilled for constructivism to work.

In these changing times, and with the advent of Covid-19, the “normal” way of life seems quite elusive years from now. The sudden change and challenge are an opportune time for education to innovate and promote the practice of constructivist learning. With social distancing, becoming a common word across the globe, more schools might shift its curriculum and focus on online learning. It is important then that individuals/students must start to practice to learn more independently. It seems a gargantuan task for the students, but they are expected to take responsibility and manage their own learning at a certain point in time. Since information and knowledge are prime commodities, and the four corners of the classroom will shift to distance learning, students must learn where and how to retrieve, process and transform this information into knowledge. It may not be a total change to constructivism, but more about moving away from traditional education and learning.

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